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August 31, 2010, 3:54 am
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  • Salon’s slideshow of famous death spots and a brief exploration of true-crime tourism. The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast sounds strangely appealing, but the National Museum of Crime & Punishment gets my vote for coolest-sounding place to visit.
  • TreeHugger posts the findings of a study done by a UK car insurance company: men waste about £2,000 in fuel over their lifetime because they refuse to ask for directions when they get lost. I’d laugh, but I probably waste that much, too–and I do ask for directions. Just one more reason I’m asking for a GPS for my birthday.
  • notmartha has a post up asking for suggestions on places to stop while driving Highway 1 and Highway 101 down the coast of Cali. Definitely gonna keep an eye on the responses she gets.
  • Speaking of which: that post inspired me to search MetaFilter for advice on traveling across the country. The responses so far have been both helpful and hilarious. First thing I’m gonna do when I drive to Charlottesville this weekend is figure out the highway gas mileage for my car.
  • Esquire’s Great Places to Discover on a Last-Minute Summer Road Trip. Pretty much hit-or-miss with their location choices, in my opinion, but then again, I’m not a 30-something male who enjoys golf and “angling.” (Dude. It’s fishing.) And while I may be expanding my beer horizons, the time for planning a trip around brew stops has yet to come.
  • A Swiss hiker died in the Alaskan wilderness while trying to cross the Teklanika River, on the remote Stampede Trail. The hiker’s partner denies that they were trying to reach the famous bus that Christopher McCandless stayed in before he died, but it sounds like there was little other reason to be in that area. This is the first death that has occurred, but I’ve read about previous hikers needing to be rescued while in search of the bus. Think I’m gonna leave that one off my list.

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The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is totally supposed to be haunted. You should definitely go there and take lots of pictures and see if you catch any ghosts. Or maybe that’s only something that would be interesting to me and Ani.

Comment by Katie

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