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mini road trip: boston
October 10, 2010, 9:46 pm
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The bottom of an empty beer glass or "What Most People Saw at Oktoberfest"

There are vacations that leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to jump back in to your normal life. And then there are trips that are so wonderful, when you get back home, it’s only more apparent just how sucktastic your regular life is. When I got back from Boston last Sunday, I was hit with what can only be summed up as an “Ugh. Really?” sort of feeling. And it’s taken a week of moping and 16 episodes of 30 Rock to get me motivated enough to recap the trip. The good news is, this only happened because I had such a great time.

My friend Alison is currently crashing at her parents’ place in Lincoln, MA, while she tries to figure out her life, and even though she’s getting a little stir crazy, she’s pretty fortunate to get to be surrounded by friends, family, and adorable dogs while she goes through the frustrating job application process. At least, that’s what I keep telling her. The grass is always greener and whatnot, and compared with my non-existent social life, crappy dinner concoctions, and soul-numbing employment situation, her place was Paradise.

Friday night, we went over to one of her friend’s houses for a casual dinner party with other high school pals and, I might note, her friend’s parents. I’m not sure at what point in your life you go from wishing parents would just go away to enjoying their company, but I’ve passed it. There’s really nothing better than chill parents — except ones that can also cook, and Alison’s friend, Genevieve, hit the jackpot. We went through not one, but two raspberry baked bries, some excellent chicken marsala with pasta, and (courtesy of Alison) a chocolate cream pie for dessert. Awesome.

(I’m sensing a pattern here: good food = good trip. See mini road trip: Charlottesville for further proof.)

Saturday, we went into Boston for the local food festival in the morning, and loaded up on free samples (and a regrettable purchase of pumpkin pie-flavored soda) before walking over to Oktoberfest at the Harpoon Brewery. If I had to describe Oktoberfest, I think I’d call it a mash-up of a frat party, Jersey Shore, and pubs in the UK. A lot of drunk 20-somethings, a lot of bad accessories and tans, and a lot of wasted old dudes macking on the aforementioned drunk 20-somethings. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Plus, how can you not enjoy some good old oompa music? (Yes, there was dancing, lederhosen, and giant mugs of beer involved.)

For dinner, I met up with my good friend, Adrienne, and her boyfriend at The Beehive, which I totally forgot was listed in the NYT’s 36 Hours in Boston story. The Beehive is a little swanky, but has just the right mix of eclectic art, low lighting, and live jazz music to feel cool, rather than uptight. After wine the night before, and Oktoberfest all afternoon, I opted for water with my crispy duck salad, and enjoyed the refreshing break from hedonism while I caught up with Adrienne. She’s the kind of friend who has saved me thousands in therapy bills because she’s acted as my crisis counselor over the years, and it was  fabulous getting to catch up with her in person, for once.

After dinner we went to Zocalo Cocino Mexicana in the Back Bay for drinks. Honestly, we picked the place because it suddenly turned freezing once the sun went down and we wanted to get out of the cold, but I thought it was nice for just hanging out with friends. Next time, I’ll have to try the food, but the sangria was tasty.

With that kind of weekend, can you really blame me for feeling a little down when I got back home? I’ve been in Pennsylvania for almost 9 months now and my patience for the land of scrapple, annoying Phillies fans, and stupid liquor laws is wearing thin. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working toward my final goal. More on that later.


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Lisa! Alison sent me the link to your blog and I was so happy to hear that you had a blast! We loved having you and I am glad that overactive puppies and lederhosen did not deter you from loving your time in Boston. Hope all is well back down in PA, I might have baked brie but I am incredibly jealous of your close proximity to water ice. Come visit again!

Comment by Genevieve

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