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what’s in your glove compartment?
October 22, 2010, 8:35 pm
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You ever set out to do something and then, approximately 37 minutes later, you look around and you’re organizing the silverware drawer or going in between the keys of your laptop with Q-tips, when originally you just got up to get some socks? That’s pretty much how I function in life. Hence, I somehow ended up outside this evening, cleaning the inside of my car in the dark, instead of taking out the trash.

The good news is that the interior was in pretty good shape and is now spotless. The bad news is that I took inventory of my glove compartment, and people, it’s not pretty:

Shown in the poor-quality image above are: 4 pens, a pack of Eclipse gum (I don’t even like gum, so I’m not sure how this got here), a crumpled Subway napkin (clean), a pack of moist towelettes (only one left), a letter from AAA, a receipt for parking at King’s Dominion Amusement Park, receipts from both Jiffy Lube and Penzoil for past oil changes, and a leather folder containing license and registrations from the past four years.

After consulting car expert numero uno (Daddy-o), to make sure I didn’t accidentally toss something important, I pared down the mess and made a few new additions:

Car charger for my phone, a headlamp for emergency in-the-dark situations, a splitter for the cigarette lighter so I can plug in both my iPod dock and phone charger at the same time, duct tape (just because), my folder containing the insurance and registration, and a mini box of tissues (adorable).

Better, but what else am I missing?

Oh yeah. Forgot about THESE:

Those, there, are 32 brightly-colored, highly-detailed maps of various parts of the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of my good friend, AAA. And I know how to read all of them. So there, mom!

What essentials do you keep in your car?


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You’d better include your car insurance certificate and proof of registration!!

Comment by Mom

How about a compass? Didn’t think I read this did you?

Comment by Anonymous

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