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michigan, my michigan (part ii)
November 19, 2010, 11:49 pm
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As if I really needed to psych myself up any further for my trip home, here’s the first batch of stuff that makes Michigan so special. Whether or not everything on here is truly unique to Michigan — or is even a positive thing — is up for debate. All I know is that each and every one of these things makes my heart twinge with nostalgic joy.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

The Great Lakes
Before we moved to Michigan, I  associated lakes with mucky shorelines, floating green algae, and shimmering streaks of oil from motor boats. The Great Lakes are nothing like that. Take your favorite parts of the ocean (the waves, the incredible blue water, the sandy beaches) and forget all the crappy parts (dead jellyfish, stinging saltwater, shark attacks); that’s what you get. Truly my favorite part of Michigan.

Featuring "the Michigan Left"

Woodward Avenue
Packed with cars during the day, and at an absolute standstill during the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, this stretch of road will get you most places you need to go around my town. When I was in high school, often the only thing to do late at night was drive up and down Woodward, looking for a diner that was still open because no one wanted to go home yet.

a.k.a. Harry in Dumb and Dumber

Jeff Daniels
Escanaba in da Moonlight, a beautiful rendition of “Michigan, My Michigan,” and heading up the ads to promote new business in Michigan — the great Jeff Daniels is all. about. the. Michigan.

So many delicious baked goods

The Franklin Cider Mill
Some may say that there are better cider mills in Michigan. To those people, I say shut your piehole, Franklin is the best. Stationed a mere 15-minute drive from my old high school, students used to go here during lunch for a nutritious meal of apple cider and cinnamon donuts. Hey, it was a fall tradition. A guy I work with claims that Franklin’s cider is the best because they don’t pasteurize it; whatever the reason, there’s nothing better than visiting the mill in October or November, grabbing a dozen donuts (grease already staining through the brown bag), a half gallon of cider (with complimentary plastic cups), and sitting by the creek that runs alongside the mill.

The phrase “Sparty on!”
I realize that Michigan State is actually a prestigious university filled with genius-y people, but the fact remains that it also has a reputation for crazy shenanigans and partying. I like silliness, I like this.


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