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7 new year’s [road trip] resolutions
January 7, 2011, 4:47 am
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New year, people. (Still no flying cars.)

I always get really into New Year’s — not New Year’s Eve, mind you, as it tends to come with too much pressure to have a glamorous, rockin’ time, and that’s more pressure than I can handle. But the symbolic opportunity to change your life around, start fresh? I can get behind that. It’s what I’ve been trying to do all of 2010, after all.

In addition to my many, many personal resolutions (step away from the Nutella, see the inside of a gym, eat those green crunchy things), I thought I’d share some road trip resolutions.

I, Lisa, promise (/will try for about a week and a half) to:

  1. Stop parking my car on the street in front of my apartment (where the trees drop berries onto the roof and create a giant, sticky mess).
  2. Figure out what all that stuff under the hood is.
  3. Read Travels with Charley.
  4. Try Couchsurfing.
  5. Finally get a replacement cover for the Blueberry’s spare tire.
  6. Watch Easy Rider.
  7. Keep updating this blog with my thoughts, musings, adventures, worries, and findings. I’ve let the burnout from my job overtake my love of writing in this thing, and that’s crap. This is supposed to be fun and therapeutic, dammit! Until I’m officially done with my job, though, these posts may become a lot more rant-y and pseudo-confessional. Or not. Just a fair warning.




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