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March 24, 2011, 4:45 pm
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Cleveland Pride

Most people have been really confused by my decision to include Cleveland on my road trip route, so let me explain right off the bat: for the first 11 years of my life, my family and I lived in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. It’s where I learned to ride a bike, where I went to elementary school, and where I was carefully molded into the proud Midwestern girl I am today. Say what you will about the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio; they remain integral parts of my life.

Friday morning, I drove south from Detroit to the Cleveland area to meet up with my mom and dad for one last weekend together before being officially on my own. In the span of less than three days, I: attended a funeral at my old pre-school, drove by my old house, endlessly teased my parents, wandered around the West Side Market, and met up with the parents of my childhood best friends.

The market warranted some camera action, and is highly recommended — especially if you have a cranky, hungry Daddy-o to appease. It has more than 100 vendors serving up a variety of foods, both pre-made and fresh ingredients that range from handmade pasta to cow tongue.

Crêpes with egg, spinach, and goat cheese

Good food = happy parents

The Art Modell Special

Inside the West Side Market

Crêpes were courtesy of Crêpes de Luxe, and I picked up a dozen delicious cannolis from Theresa’s Bakery (13 flavors of filling to choose from) to bring with me as I went on to meet up with our old neighbors.

It’s a strange thing to see people you only knew when you were younger. Back then, these people were the voices of authority, the chauffeurs, the voice that answers the phone when you call to see if [insert name here] is home. They grow to become a significant part of your life, mixed in with memories of everyday life, but always slightly removed because they’re the parents. They’re the grown-ups.

But now? Now, I guess I’m kind of an adult, too. And that meant calling them by their first names (they insisted), seeing baby pictures of grandkids (!!!), and talking frankly about things other than school and summer vacations. It was an amazing experience, but also slightly bizarre. I found myself constantly wondering if they were having the same feelings of deja vu that I was, and whether or not they still saw bits of that girl from 12 years ago in me. (I have a feeling the sense of humor remains the same.)

On Sunday morning, I drove away from my parents, and away from their protective umbrella of all-knowing parental guidance. For better or worse, what happens from now on is all me. They’re probably scared shitless, but I’m buzzing with anticipation.

Let’s get this started.


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Looks a lot like Reading Terminal Market in Philly.

Comment by Matt

I thought that, too! Reading Terminal is one of my fav destinations in Philly.
Love your pics, Lisa!

Comment by Aunt Janet

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