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interlude: austin
May 25, 2011, 12:43 am
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I probably should have some better observations and insights regarding Austin, but I was a little distracted during my weekend there. Not only was I busy having a good time in the city with my high school buddies, Jolly and Woo, but the whole time, I was also thinking: I could live here.

Here’s the mental list I compiled:

What? No senior citizens??

  1. Plenty of young people. The University of Texas at Austin has over 50,000 undergraduate students enrolled there and, more importantly, 11,000 graduate students. My chances of finding people in my age group to hang out with would be, like, really good.

    View from the hostel

  2. Nearby body of water. We stayed at HI Austin, which is located right on the shore of Lady Bird Lake. As much as I love the climate of the southwest, the major thing missing, for me, is water. Problem, solved!

    The madness

  3. Excellent nightlife. I’m pretty sure the only thing Woo wanted to do while we were in Austin was go to Sixth Street and drink as much as possible. Correction: he wanted me to drink as much as possible. Unfortunately for him, the bars on Sixth Street seem to skimp on the alcohol in their beverages. On the up side, there are still some excellent places to spend your night, including the Library Bar (helloooo, sign from above!).

    Austin's Mighty Dogs

  4. It’s totally a dog town. Take my word for it.


  5. Eclectic and local food choices. Being a good-sized city means it’s got options, but let’s not forget that it’s still part of Texas, and that means Tex-Mex, surf ‘n turf, and bbq. As our seasoned (4 visits) Austin veteran, Woo steered us toward The Salt Lick, which is actually located just outside of Austin but has a bbq pit the size of two refrigerators. My Texas expert (hi, Beau!) approved of our choice, and I approved of the chopped beef sandwich plate.

    The boys

  6. Easy driving distance to Jolly and Woo (and cowboys!) Somehow not one, but two, of my high school friends from Michigan ended up in Texas. If I lived in Austin, I might be able to see them more than just once every three years. Bonus: if I lived in Austin, I’d be able to start an in-depth search for my own Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen. They gotta be out there somewhere, right?

    Enough said.

  7. Like they say, it’s a little weird. And so am I.

Austin, I’ve got my eye on you.


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