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interlude: minneapolis
July 20, 2011, 12:15 pm
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Target Stadium in Minneapolis

“Okay, so tomorrow’s Wednesday…”

“Tomorrow is Thursday,” Craig reminded me, for the fourth time that day.

I looked up from where I was sprawled out on his couch, watching reruns of Prison Break on my laptop.



And it was right about then that I realized I had finally entered full-on bum territory. Sure, I had changed out of my sweatpants (at around 1:30 in the afternoon), and yeah, it was raining outside, so it wasn’t really my fault that most of my plans for the day had fallen through, but…

“So, what did you do today?” Craig asked, as he put down his briefcase and undid the top few buttons of his shirt.


Looked at jobs to apply for, didn’t apply for any, went to the Mall of America for an hour, came home, took a nap.

Bum, bum bum bum. BUMMMMMM.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that this trip is almost over. See, even without a job, apartment, income, or boyfriend, a life of travel and leisure is pretty awesome. There’s really nothing to motivate me to change that. But once you take away the travel and leisure part?

I predict a lot of personal productivity in my near future.


interlude: south dakota
July 14, 2011, 11:54 am
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The billboards for this started in WYOMING.

South Dakota is pretty much one giant tourist trap—endless miles of billboards that advertise knock-off caves, mystery spots, and every outlet, depot, or watering hole you could think of. It’s kind of fitting, though, because as the end of this road trip is swiftly approaching (only three states to go), I’m feeling pretty trapped.

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interlude: telluride
June 8, 2011, 3:53 pm
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Telluride Mountain Village

Nathan’s mom is nothing like my mom. She’s tiny (I think she fits comfortably under my chin). She talks a mile a minute. She used to be a Dead Head. She lives in Telluride with her boyfriend, Jeff, and her dog, Allie. She’s a treadmill fiend.

But when I go to shake her hand hello, she gives me a huge hug instead, and yeah, she’s nothing like my mom, but she’s everything like a mom–minus the questions about when I’m going to find a job and the constant worrying about what I’m eating and where I’m sleeping.

And 60 days into this road trip, that’s perfect.

the ‘drop everything and go’ checklist
March 11, 2011, 11:52 am
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Cubicle, or this? No contest.

On my last day of work, I went around the office saying goodbye to people, and when I told them what I’d be doing next, I heard a lot of the same response:

“I wish I could do that.”

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March 1, 2011, 3:23 pm
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Give me a patch of sun, and I'm good.

I’m alive, promise.

Since my last post, I’ve officially finished my last day of work, sold the remainder of my furniture, moved myself out of my apartment, loaded the Blueberry with more junk than is probably legal, and driven through some truly awful weather back to Michigan. The past few days have been dedicated to overhauling my childhood bedroom and putting away an entire apartment’s worth of stuff in it, and it hasn’t exactly been an easy task.

So for now, I’m tackling my mountain of laundry, catching up on all the bad television I’ve missed since not having cable, and yes, still prepping for the road trip. More relevant posts to come.

Estimated date of departure: March 20, 2011. Get pumped — I know I am.

the quitting game
February 1, 2011, 10:38 pm
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When I was little, my parents were desperate to shove me off into an organized activity of some kind. (When I was little, my mom also worried that I was pretending to murder my stuffed animals, but that’s another story.) As a result of their attempts to get me to socialize and exercise, I have, in my lifetime, quit ballet, field hockey, girl scouts, lacrosse, competitive swimming, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, soccer, and ice skating. (Give me some credit, though: I did all of them for at least an entire season, minus that 2-week lacrosse camp. Girls lacrosse is hard!)

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the northeast: yea, or nay?
January 19, 2011, 11:18 pm
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I used to be so badass.

I’ve been thinkin’ a lot, lately. Stuff like What’s up with my hair? or Is it bad to eat chocolate-covered trail mix for dinner? but also mostly this:

Fuck, it’s cold. (Sorry, mom.)

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